Welcome to the Lab

A pleasure to see you here! Welcome to the blog home of 43 Hours Press, our current publishing experiment. Between us, Morgan Blue Malory and I have seen a couple decades in the exciting and ever-changing world of publishing, time spent working with emerging and independent and not-quite-famous authors. While running Mercury Retrograde Press, I worked to create a space in which authors who needed to put their creative lives ahead of business concerns could thrive–and developed a philosophy I called Slow Publishing, intended to give everyone involved in the development of books enough space in which to do their best work. We pioneered giving away ebooks for free with the purchase of the corresponding print book, which seemed to make a lot of readers very happy. But I don’t think we went quite far enough with any of those ideas. 43 Hours is here to see what happens when we push them further.

We’re vitally concerned with the problems both readers and authors face in today’s book market: with the increasing expense of print books, which is difficult for many readers, and the simultaneous whittling away of support for the libraries that sustained readers and writers alike; and with the issue of ebook piracy, which seems increasingly to get in the way of authors being able to get books published. Meanwhile I’ve seen a significant amount of evidence suggesting that sharing books for free online in a way that supports rather than undercuts their authors actually increases authors’ earnings. One of the most important things we’re working on is a systematic way to do just that, which we believe will benefit everyone. More on that in an upcoming post.

Likewise we’re fine-tuning our approach to Slow. Blue and I are both passionately committed to maintaining healthy creative lives in order to continue developing stories worth sharing. We’re still working on balancing business and creation. Right now our motto is One at a Time: working on one project until our part of it is done, then moving onto the next, and only when everything is complete bringing the results to the world.

As you’ll see with our current projects, living that philosophy is a work in progress.


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